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Have you heard of Pivotshare?  If not, I'm here to tell you that Pivotshare will become the next BIG thing in subscription video content.  The opportunity to earn money, the opportunity to run your own subscription channel and take 70% of revenue earned, and the opportunity to collaborate with other channel producers for everyone to earn more money.  Pivotshare is the future of streaming entertainment.

Pivotshare is the world's first open subscription video network.

Yes!  It is FREE to join.

Build an industry-leading subscription video channel.

As a creator you can create a channel to invite or accept new contributors.   As a creator you can apply to other channels too and if accepted, you can sell videos across multiple channels while retaining ownership.  How?  The Pivotshare PlayRank algorithm calculates revenue splits and pays every contributor fairly.

If you want to learn more, Click Here to visit my Pivotshare channel to read all about it.  Pivotshare is the future of streaming television entertainment.

A Pioneer's Foresight

A Pioneer's Foresight

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