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I was browsing through Amazon Instant Video to find something to watch one evening and I came across a film titled "Work Your Way Up".  It caught my interest, I read the intro and decided to buy it.  I wholeheartedly enjoyed it and I've watched it dozens of times since that night too.  I found the information to be engrossing.  As I was watching the film I thought to myself, how did the creator of this film get it uploaded to Amazon Instant Video?  My mind started spinning and then I got up to search online.  As I searched I came across Createspace by Amazon and learned that I too could create a piece of work to sell on Amazon Instant Video or some people know it as Video On Demand.  Immediately I saw the potential to put into place a stream of residual income.  I started planning, writing content, memorizing content, produced the film then got it uploaded to Amazon Instant Video.

A Pioneer's Foresight

Learn how a New York native changed her borderline monetary poverty situation to a more comfortable lifestyle bringing peace of mind and prosperity. A PIONEER'S FORESIGHT is a nonfiction tale of how an average person can use the Internet and 21st Century technology to build a successful business that produces daily residual income.

It took me about six months to put the piece of work together.  Yes, it is a gamble to find out if anyone would actually buy my film via Amazon Instant Video, but it was a gamble I was willing to take.  I can not be the only living person who finds the topic I speak about interesting.  I made sales and look forward to making many more sales.

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